Ticketmaster: This is why we can’t have nice things


Makena Cruse, entertainment editor

Many Swifties have  “Bad Blood” with Ticketmaster after an almost impossible search to find tickets to Taylor Swift’s “Eras Tour.”

Although the process was long and difficult in finding tickets, fans were able to get tickets to the concert. Using several different Ticketmaster accounts, some fans were even able to purchase tickets for multiple venues.

“My sister and my mom waited in the Ticketmaster lines for hours and finally got two sets of tickets for two shows. The Cincinnati show had a longer wait, but the Nashville tickets we ended up further back in the queue for. You could not purchase tickets on a cell phone which made it much more difficult since we were in school. A lot of the ticket lines ended up getting paused and we would have to wait forever,” sophomore Olivia Baker said.

Despite the fact many fans did not get tickets, many still did. Trending on TikTok and other social media platforms are pre-concert outfit ideas. Fans dress up as one of their favorite “eras” from one of Taylor Swift’s 10 albums.

“I really want to be able to combine all of Taylor’s eras into one outfit. With aspects of things from her albums like Debut and Reputation combined into one outfit, I’m planning on wearing things that have aspects of country style while also staying true to Taylor’s sparkly style” freshman Paige Glynn said.

Taylor Swift’s music can be emotional and personal. Many fans have formed emotional connections to her music and are excited to finally be able to see their favorite artist on the live stage. For some, it is a dream come true.

“ I am very ecstatic to hear Taylor perform live. What is even better is that I will have my friends with me to experience an amazing moment. I’ve always loved Taylor Swift but I have a personal connection with the album Folklore. I got to relive my love for Taylor with the Folklore album, and the lyrics of the songs helped me not feel alone. It is really just so exciting to be able to see her live,” junior Brayleigh Grable said.

Many fans will celebrate different eras and get to experience all of their favorite albums in just one night.

“My personal favorite era would have to be Reputation era. The release of the album was absolutely iconic, and it is by far one of my favorite albums of Taylors. Reputation was a really different album from what she usually writes so it was really exciting for me when it came out ” senior Maddie Johnson said.