GHS welcomes new football coach


Nathan Kremer, sports editor

After being the face of Woodmen football for 17 seasons, Coach Mike Campbell has stepped away from the field. The man responsible for filling the large shoes left by Coach Campbell is former Clarksville coach, Mr. Justin Boser.

Coach Boser has a rich football background.

“Football has been in my life since birth. My father played college football as well as my uncle and cousins. I played the quarterback position from third grade all the way up until I graduated from the University of Saint Francis,” Boser, who graduated from Hamilton Heights as an all-state quarterback and baseball player, said. 

As a small 4A school in the Mid-State Conference, which is viewed as one of the best football conferences in the state, the GHS football program may not seem like an enticing place to coach, however, Coach Boser feels like it is the perfect fit for him.

“Central Indiana is one of the best areas for high school football. It is always filled with great competition and fantastic teams. I remember going to camps as a kid and them being filled with Greenwood kids. The football program has a great reputation as Coach Campbell and previously before him, Coach Wimmer, have led the way.” Boser added. “I was attracted to the city of Greenwood as a whole because of its family atmosphere and a community that loves football. I can one day see my kids growing up and graduating from here.”

After the hire was approved, Coach Boser met his team for the first time, and it is safe to say his first impression did not disappoint.

“Coach Boser is a guy who has a plan in mind. He knows what he is doing and has a genuine love for the game of football. I love that he is confident he can help us reach our goals and also adjusts his strategies to fit what works best for the team,” junior Brock Riddle, quarterback, said.

Junior Tanner Crouch, safety, added his thoughts on the new hire.

“I first noticed how interested he was in Greenwood and our program. Upon meeting him, he was respectful and curious towards us as both players and young men. During his time at his previous school, he was successful in rebuilding their program as well as getting involved in the community, which gives me hope for the impact he can make here.”

Under Coach Boser’s guidance, Woodmen football will begin to defer from its “smash mouth football” style that was incorporated under Coach Campbell.

“Offensively we will run more spread and RPO formations to try and get more guys involved. We will be more up-tempo on both sides of the ball. Defensively, a lot is still to be decided until a defensive coordinator is hired, but turnovers will definitely be an emphasis,” Coach Boser said.

When it comes to Mr. Boser’s coaching style, there is not just one word to describe his approach. 

“I love to do 1 on 1 coaching and teaching that involves more heart-to-heart conversations. I would say I am typically calm and even-keeled but not always. I want to see things done correctly, but I am never going to berate a player from across the field for a mistake. I am a big believer in family and showing each player love, but it is also important to teach and learn from mistakes,” he said.

Coach Boser will be dual teaching in the Special Education and Physical Education departments.