Outdated Prom contest

Sam Thompson, Reporter

Prom is back in season.

This brings a lot of joy and excitement to the whole school, especially the students going, but this event can also cause problems. The Prom court contest and voting can bring frustration to many students. With students holding the power in the voting for the Prom king and queens, it has become a popularity contest instead of a contest about who best represents the class. Most schools let students vote how they want, but there is a way for students to vote and create a system where the best people are picked.

I think there should be rules for people submitting their names into the running. There would be a GPA rule that would be around the 3.0 range. This would make sure the people running have all of their schooling taken care of before they can get voted. This allows the school to have good students for people to look up to when they are in the running. 

The idea involves is for a group of teachers or adults. This group will look at the couples resumes and decide who the best people are based on their involvement in their school. This could include anything from athletics, band, choir, and clubs. They will narrow the couples down three or four.

Finally, the power could go back to the students who get to pick their favorites from the group of three or five couples. They would be encouraged to not vote for who they are best friends with but who they think are the best candidates to represent their class. Either way, the candidates would be all great people and accomplished students on the ballot. With this system, the better people would have a better chance at winning and the students still get the fun of voting for their Prom kings and queens.