Softball prepares for the Warren Central Warriors


Rachel McDonald, Editor-in-Chief

The softball team is gearing up to take home another victory against Warren Central.

The team’s power is sourced from their aggressiveness and desire to win.

“I think the team’s strongest advantage is that a lot of girls do not want to give up and lose; we want to win. We are willing to fight until the end of the game, which will give us at least a fighting chance no matter who the team is,” junior Avery Kraeszig, catcher, said.

They face Warren Central next Monday at home.

“I think Warren should be a good game for us, and I think we should pull out a good win. Our team’s strongest advantage is that we work as a team. I have been working outside of practice to get better and be able to come in a game and be able to hit,” sophomore Hailey Hendricks, short stop, said.

The victory over Warren Central last year is leading the girls into their game with confidence.

“Last year, we beat them pretty badly. We had a lot of awesome hits, and I am sure we will beat them. Our team’s strongest advantage would have to be our defense. It has improved a lot which is why I am excited for the rest of the season,” junior Courtney Hankenhoff, pitcher, said.

Kraeszig also anticipates taking home a win on Monday.

“Last year, we did well against Warren. We won the game, and everyone was in a positive mood. I am expecting the same outcome,” Kraeszig said.

The girls know they never can play down to a team and they have to use their teamwork to their advantage.

“My expectations in going against Warren Central is to get a win. I think Warren Central is a solid team, but we have more team chemistry and work very well together,” junior Emma Chism, third baseman, said.

Sometimes, the outcome is determined more by the team’s mental preparedness.

“I mentally prepare for my games by telling myself that I can do it and that as long as I do my best, there is nothing to be mad about,” Chism said.

The team has traditions that unite them.

“We get pumped up in the locker room with music before warmups. We also pray before each game to help calm all of our nerves,” senior Dominica Wheatley, catcher, said.

Confidence always plays a key role in success.

“My biggest goal this season would be to be more confident in myself and and not get down on myself. I am hoping to get better with my fielding and communicating more. I have been telling myself that it is just a game and this game does not define me. I let go of my mistakes and try not to let them get to my head and keep thinking about it,” junior Nevaeh Elliott, center fielder, said.

The girls come from many different softball backgrounds.

“An obstacle we face is that some girls do not play year-round softball, but we have combated this by focusing on the basics, like running bases and bunting,” Kraeszig said.

Another obstacle they have been working to overcome involves communication.

“Every year one of our biggest obstacles is communication. We have a lot of freshmen this year, so it has been difficult getting them to a place where they feel comfortable communicating even though they are young. We have been working on this by doing situational stuff in practice so they see how they should be communicating,” Wheatley said.

Hankenhoff agreed that communication is the team’s highest priority.

“The most difficult obstacle for our team would probably be communication. We struggle sometimes with it, but we are definitely improving. Our goal for the season is to grow together and become more of a team,” Hankenhoff said.

The girls are looking towards a winning record compared to their record of 8-15 last year.

“The softball team’s strongest advantage this year is our chemistry and confidence we have within each other. Our goals for this season is to finish as a better person than what we started with,” Chism said.