Squid Game Review

Nathan Kremer, Sports Designer

The action packed show, Squid Game, created by Hwang Dong-hyuk, is currently flooding the Netflix charts across the world as it could become the most watched series in the history of Netflix.

Squid Game portrays a game involving 456 participants, who are all in poverty or drowning in debt. All of these contestants are fighting for their lives in hopes of attaining the cash prize which drastically will change their lives.

Contestants must successfully pass a number of fatal games. If a competitor fails, then he or she will be eliminated or killed. These competitors participated in games that they would have played as a kid. Some competitors would have an advantage if they played a certain game growing up as a kid, opposed to some who did not. Some of these games include: Red Light, Green Light, the Dalgona Candy challenge, and Tug of War.

As the show progresses, the audience grows very close to the protagonist, Seong Gi-Hun. He is a father who has gambled his money away and is now in desperate need of money. Gi-Hun is an imperfect character who is easy to empathize with as he is constantly looking out for others during the game, even though he is putting his life in danger.

The instant I finished Season 1, I immediately started wondering if a second season would be released. According to multiple online sources, Netflix has not yet confirmed the renewal of Squid Game for a second season. This means there is no way of knowing if viewers will be gifted with another season; however, based on predictions, many anticipate a Season 2 to be released in 2023.

One criticism I have for Squid Game is that it took some time to get used to the English voice overs because they did not match up with the character’s lips and mouth movements due to them being Korean speakers. At first, this flaw grew annoying, and I know multiple people who stopped watching the show because of it; however, as I progressed through the first few shows, I grew accustomed to the imperfection. This was a minor flaw that should not stop anyone from continuing the series.

Another criticism I have for Squid Game is how the series ends. I was not a fan of the plot twist that was included in episode nine as it changed my entire perspective on a character. Hopefully Season 2 will be released that continues where Season 1 abruptly left off.

After watching all nine episodes in Season 1, it was easy to see why Squid Game was ranked so high on Netflix’s charts. It was a thrilling and dramatic series. There are multiple plot twists included within the series. I would highly recommend this series to anyone who enjoys watching dramatic and exciting Netflix shows.