Hoco or Soco

This year marks the third year in a row there has not been a Homecoming dance. 

As a staff, we had an unanimous vote that a Homecoming dance would have been better than a winter formal dance, which is what we are supposedly doing this year at GHS, unless it  gets canceled again like it did last year. 

While having a winter formal is still better than nothing, the long tradition of Homecoming week being topped off with a dance is far better than a random dance in the middle of January. 

GHS is also the only school in Johnson County that did not have a Homecoming dance, and that is just not fair to our students. As our students scroll social media and see their friends from different schools getting dressed up and having fun, the situation is heart-breaking

The excuse we were provided as to why we have not had a Homecoming dance the past three years is COVID. At first the COVID excuse was a good one, considering it was at its height. Now, that excuse seems convenient. Supposedly, does not want students that close together; however schools three times our size have been having Homecoming dances.

At GHS, the Student Council dictates what dances and activities our school does. Normally, that would not be a problem; however, at GHS, the Student Council is not open to student opinions. The Student Council could fight for us to have a Homecoming dance.

 In the end, all current GHS students except the seniors were robbed of homecoming dance experiences. This needs to change.