Pros to Drivers License

Sam Thompson, Reporter

Turning 16 is big for many reasons, but none more important than obtaining the freedom of a driver’s license

Suddenly, there are more things to do with friends than ever before. If a random trip to Chick-fil-a comes up, it is now possible just to get up and go. I can find something fun to do every day without my parents.

My parents are so helpful in getting me where I need to be, but it is nice not to have to wait on anyone. There is no more waiting for them to get ready or waiting for them to come pick me up. There are also times when I want to hang out with my friends multiple times in a week, and I start to feel bad for bugging my parents for rides everywhere I go. They do not enjoy being my personal chauffeur every weekend.

I think the best part about having a license is my time in my car. I love driving by myself because it is so relaxing. I do not have other people worrying about my every move and my speed at every second. I can listen to my music as loud as I want, and I can be in my own world and nobody will know. I control my time, so I can be early if I want, and if I want to just sit in my car and listen to music for a while, I can do that. 

Another bonus that comes with driving is not having to take the bus. Since I do not ride the bus anymore, I can get an extra 20 minutes at home before school starts, and I do not have to worry about missing a bus because I am on my own schedule. Although leaving school can take a while, I still get home faster than if I took the bus. I am also so much more comfortable in my own area than in a packed bus with people I do not know. There is also a ride for me if I stay at school late after the buses have already left.

With my own license, there are just so many more things to do. I can go watch a game, go out to eat, or hangout with my friends anytime without having to bother my parents at all. For the most part, I can go out whenever I want because my parents do not have to worry about where I am or when I need to get home.