Driver’s License: Cons

Deniz Karakus, news editor

Everyone is always excited about getting a driver’s license and to drive. Although it can be exciting, there are some aspects of it that are not exciting so people really do not need to rush to get one.

Starting off, to get a driver’s license, most people have to go through driver’s education. Driver’s ed costs money, which can be expensive depending on the program. Also, we have to pay for driver’s instructor hours which can also be as expensive, depending on the driving program.

The number one thing teenagers should consider about driving and having a car is insurance. Insurance itself is already expensive, but being a teenager makes it even more expensive. Depending on the car, how much we pay for insurance can change, but no matter what, we pay more than an adult.

Along with insurance problems, buying a car can be expensive and difficult, too. Although most people receive old cars from their parents, in some cases, people need to save up and buy their own. If we cannot buy a car and know we would not have one even after getting a driver’s license, we should not rush into getting one. Having a license without having a car is useless, and people should wait.

Although being able to drive around can be helpful and nice, there are always alternate ways to getting places. To get to school, every school offers school buses for free. Also, most people in high school have their license, so having a friend who can drive, is an option.

Getting a driver’s license can be fun and exciting, but before doing that, we should think about the cons before focusing on the minimal pros.