Good tradition

Deniz Karakus, news editor

With prom coming up and voting for queen and king starting, there is a lot of debate on whether or not prom nominations should be going on.

There are lots of reasons as to why schools should continue prom courts.

One reason as to why prom court is important is because of school spirit. During prom season, everyone gets excited with prom getting close and people begin talking about prom and prom courts. Usually when prom dates are announced, people immediately start talking about possible nominees. The student body gets closer together by supporting each other and their friends with voting. Most people nominate and vote for their friends and it allows for prom to be more exciting due to the anticipation of waiting to see who will win. Prom courts have been around for so long and it is good to keep old traditions.

Another reason why prom courts should continue is because it is known to be an American tradition. Countries in other continents do not have a prom nor do they have prom courts. Most European countries know prom princess and prince as an American thing and it is good to keep that tradition going. Most foreign exchange students look forward to prom and nominations since it is an experience they will only get to experience in America.

Personally, growing up I was really excited for high school mainly because of homecoming and prom dances. Being from a different country, I would always see homecoming princesses on American tv shows and always had the dream of being one. This year, I was nominated for homecoming princess and although I did not win, I was happy to experience my childhood dream. After seeing me as a nominee for princess, my little sister and her friends are also wanting to run for it when they get to high school. Taking away this tradition can ruin every girl’s childhood dream.

Prom courts and homecoming courts should be an ongoing tradition due to many reasons such as school spirit and most importantly keeping up that American dream.