Should seniors be allowed to skip finals

Alex Kramer, Opinion Editor

With finals approaching, many seniors wish they could skip one or two finals in order to prepare for more difficult exams. 

At Indian Creek, seniors are allowed to skip one final under their skip-a-final program. In order to do this, they must have at least an 85 percent in the class during the second semester, no office referrals, fewer than two tardies or absences, and teachers who allow skipped finals.

Indian Creek’s program seems reasonable to me and seems lenient enough that students can achieve it but not so easy that any average Joe can get it. 

Center Grove is another school that has a skip-a-final program although they have different rules. The most noticeable changes are that they allow seniors to skip up to four finals, but they must have at least a 90 percent in the class.

So far the skip-a-final program sounds like there is no downside, but in reality, there could be quite a few flaws.Without a final, many students may forget the information they learned this semester, and without the studying required they may not know simple information for college. Most College classes may also require finals for a class to count on their transcripts so training for that is important. 

I believe it could be beneficial for GHS to adopt the skip-a-final program although they would have to come up with stricter rules and encourage students to think of how not taking the final may affect their final grade, as well as looking at the major they are going to take and deciding if that final would be important.