Snapchat AI allows students to customize and cheat

Brady Cave

 Artificial intelligence is becoming more common by the day, allowing students to cheat on assignments with ChatGPT or customize a snapchat friend.

With the most recent Snapchat update, Snap Al was added. At first, it was a part of their new Snapchat premium membership but soon after was given to every owner of the app.

Snap Al is customizable. Users can change its name and design its avatar to be anything. Users can have conversations with their Snap AI. It can give advice, answer questions, and ask questions about people.

I think it can be weird at times. Snap AI can answer questions like where users live and their birthdays. Also, the idea of having a Snapchat friend that is a computer most likely will not help the social skills of Snapchat users.

Other things users can do with this membership consist of the ability to change wallpapers, see if they are on someone’s bestfriends list, and boosting their stories so more people can view them. It is also possible to see how many people checked a story more than once. Another new feature in this update is an in-app purchase, where it is possible to buy snap streak restorations when a snap streak is lost.

Snapchat premium has already eclipsed $3 million in sales, possibly closer to $5 million, meaning it has already passed Twitter’s newest in-app purchase, the Twitter Blue membership.

Snapchat Al has been a very favorable addition to the already top rated app. The idea of

including AI in their newest update was a hit.