Why did morbius not live up to expectation’s

Why did morbius not live up to expectations

Jack Titzer, Sports Editor

Morbius had very high expectations when it was first announced and when trailers started showing up on the big screen. 

Morbius is a Marvel and Sony production, but not part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe or MCU; it is still a Marvel movie.

The trailers of Morbius supported the idea that it would be another Marvel box office hit; however, it was a major flop. It received a Rotten Tomato score of 16% by critics and a 71% audience rating. Compare those ratings to another Marvel and Sony production, “Venom: Let There be Carnage” that received a Rotten Tomato score of 59% and an audience rating of 84%. Overall, Morbius was not a well-reviewed movie compared to other movies produced by the same studios. 

One problem is that the scenes from the trailers were completely cut from the actual movie, which had fans waiting for the scenes the whole movie.

Critics can not seem to find anything really good about Morbius, describing it as a basic origin story about an viglianti and hating on the generic storyline. Fans, however, have mixed emotions. Some fans agree with the critics while others think Morbius knocks it out of the park. My opinion is that Morbius was not as bad as the critics are saying, but it definitely is not amazing. The storyline moves fast, and it does have a generic plot, but it is not a terrible movie, and the acting is decent. Jared Leto did an okay job portraying the anti-hero Dr. Michael Morbius. 

One other problem I had with the movie was the pacing. The movie had a run time of one hour and forty four minutes, and I think that it just moved way too fast. They rushed to the climax. 

Overall, Morbius did not live up to expectations for a number of reasons, but it was still an okay movie.