Call of Duty takes the world by storm

Alex Kramer, Opinion Editor

Captivating not only kids but teenagers and adults alike is no easy feat. The Call of Duty games have been able to achieve this for more than a decade.

Starting in 2003 with the original Call of Duty taking place in World War II to 2022’s new title Call of Duty Modern Warfare taking place in 2022.
Call of Duty modern warfare 2022 offers 3 recurring gamemodes and 2 new ones. It brought back Campaign, a mode in which you play alone and go through missions, multiplayer, ability to play with friends in a variety of gamemodes, Warzone, squad up with up to 3 friends to be the last team standing, DMZ, go in with 2 friends and try collect as much loot as possible and extract, and Raids, go into a underground russian base and fight of hordes of enemies with 2 friends.

This Call of Duty delves more into the real-world aspect of war, showing off nuclear missile launch sites, and even in the fictional city of al-Mazrah, appearing in the gamemode Warzone, that shows players what a city affected by war truly looks like. The city has homes destroyed and numerous buildings turned into strongholds by the fictional middle eastern terrorist group.

I have been playing Call of Duty for almost a decade and have almost three days total on this Call of Duty, and can confidently say that I have a well based opinion on the state of the game. With that being said I find this game to be incredible. It has a perfect balance of realism and action packed fiction.

The campaign of this Call of Duty takes you through the eyes of Sergeant Kyle “Gaz” Garrick, Sergeant John “Soap” MacTavish, and task force 141 as you try to take down an Iranian terrorist group, and eventually the “Shadows”. The campaign takes on average 6 hours to complete with many players taking longer to complete since the nostalgia the game brings from older Call of Duty games.

The multiplayer in this Call of Duty doesn’t offer anything new besides the new weapons, maps, special abilities that every new Call of Duty has. One thing I could critique of the multiplayer is the user interface which is very difficult for new players to be able to traverse.

Warzone is the golden goose of Call of Duty, bringing in over a million new players this year alone. Warzone takes 150 players and drops them into the war torn fictional city of Al-Mazrah overrun by terrorist factions. All 150 players must fight until one player or team is left standing. I have spent many hours playing warzone and have a deep understanding of how the game works and the capabilities of this gamemode, and from what I have seen so far it is heading in a great direction.

This Call of Duty has proved to be one of the great Call of Duty’s in its short life span as of now. It Creates the ability to make friends, spend time with old ones, or even just waste time. I am looking forward to what is call of duty has to offer and am happy to say I am a recurring customer of the Call of Duty genre.